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Volunteer Area Leaders Needed

South Cache Soccer is currently looking for volunteer area leaders for the cities of Nibley. We can’t run a successful program without our area leaders and are looking for individuals who would like to get involved with our youth to ensure they get a great soccer experience.

Those interested may apply by emailing our Director of Recreation Shauna Johnson at (recsoccer@southcachesoccer.com).

Area Leader Responsibilities:

As an area leader, you will be on the front lines of ensuring the success of our youth soccer program. Your job would be perhaps the most important throughout the organization; it certainly has the potential to be the busiest.
Doing this job well will allow the South Cache Soccer program to grow in popularity, quality, and organization. The kids participating in the program will enjoy playing the game of soccer and allow their skills in soccer to improve, as well as learn good sportsmanship.

As an area leader, it would be your responsibility to register players, recruit coaches, referees, and volunteers, organize teams, distribute information, and set the tone for your designated area’s program. How organized your area is will depend on you. You have the power to encourage and influence all who participate in this program to participate with good sportsmanship, competence, and love for the game.

An area leader’s job includes the following tasks:

  • Distribute and collect signage for the upcoming season/session.
  • Set up teams for each age group (may work with other areas if you have a small group, but we highly encourage you to set teams according to location).
  • Find volunteer coaches for every team in your area.
  • Hold coaches’ meetings for your area to distribute rosters and equipment.
  • Be the referee assignor for the area.
  • Be the soccer field coordinator for the area.
  • Area leaders will receive a small payment after the season is over, based on the number of registered participants in your area. Reimbursement is available for authorized purchases or copies.

More information on these responsibilities can be found in the Area Leader Handbook (*Word Document).

About Us

The South Cache Soccer League was founded to provide an opportunity to play soccer and to provide a positive, enjoyable, and FUN experience in an organized team sport for all participants regardless of physical coordination, skills, or abilities.