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Interested in Serving on Our Board of Directors?

South Cache Soccer is currently looking for interested individuals to fill open board positions. Anyone can apply to serve on the South Cache Soccer board of directors. You don’t need to be a coach, assistant coach or team manager! Our board members meet regularly and give input on how South Cache Soccer should move forward now and in the future, and work to strengthen and grow our soccer in our area!

The following positions are currently open on our Board of Directors:

Equipment Director: The Equipment Director shall be responsible for ordering, dropping off, and distributing all equipment and uniforms. They shall keep an inventory of all equipment purchased by the South Cache Soccer League and submit a cost estimate to the Board of Directors of the equipment and uniforms needed prior to purchasing said equipment and uniforms.

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings, handle all correspondence, give notice of meetings and maintain the files of the South Cache Soccer League. The Secretary shall prepare an agenda for the Board of Directors meetings and be the point of contact for adding agenda items.

If you are interested in being considered for any of the positions above or if you desire additional information, please contact Brandon Hulse at president@southcachesoccer.com.

About Us

The South Cache Soccer League was founded to provide an opportunity to play soccer and to provide a positive, enjoyable, and FUN experience in an organized team sport for all participants regardless of physical coordination, skills, or abilities.